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Welcome to Boston Gifts Delivery
Personalized same day gifts delivery service.

When you need a reliable, cost effective, local gift delivery solution that you can count on in Boston,
Boston courier specialist ( Bocsit ) is the best choice.  Founded to offer exceptional service at the most
competitive rates, Bocsit sets the standard for customer satisfaction, reliability and dependability
for thousands of loyal customers.

Gift Delivery Solutions in Boston
To satisfy specific needs, we provide a variety of gift delivery services, tailor made for each specific
delivery need. Our services are flexible and are solely dependent on customer needs including
pre-scheduled, rush or expedited gifts deliveries;

     • Express gifts deliveries
     • Same day, next day gift delivery services
     • Store pick up and delivery services
     • Birthday gift deliveries
     • Bakery pick ups and delivery
     • Restaurant Pick ups
     • Wedding gifts delivery
     • Christmas gift deliveries
     • Holiday gifts delivery
     • Gift basket delivery
     • 24/7 gifts delivery service

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Boston Gift Delivery

Phone :   617-807-0411
Fax:          617-237-9747
Email:     Info@bocsit.com

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