How to Order Online

Customer online ordering is an essential part of the Bocsit Courier Service, and we've created a couple different ways for your customers to place orders from their own home or office. Customers can log in through their web browsers and place orders online, or they can download a standalone program that will run from a shortcut on their desktop. Web-based ordering is extremely easy to set up and start using.

To place online orders, please navigate to:   Open Account    Register your company , please provide accurate information and remember the email address you use for your company will receive all the shipment delivery confirmation. Once you submit your account application, Bocsit will review it and you will get an email once you are approved. Customers can use the navigation links along the left side to place orders for pickup, delivery, or third party addresses. To place an order, just fill out the form will the relevant details (don't forget service type and package type), and submit. You can also download the quick entry software to your desktop for easier ordering and tracking right from your desktop.

Complete order history and order tracking with all details for every order made by that customer are also available from the navigation menu.