Account Numbers

For transactions other than "Bill Sender", "Bill Recipient" or "Bill Third Party", you must pay by check, money order or credit card. Payment is required when you give us your package/shipment. For "Bill Sender" and "Bill Third Party" transactions, packages/shipments will not be accepted unless you provide a valid Bocsit account number. For "Bill Recipient" transactions, packages/shipments can be tendered without payment. However, in order for the package/shipment to be delivered, the recipient must give a valid Bocsit account number or pay by check, money order or credit card at the time of delivery. If the recipient refuses to pay, the sender will be responsible for all charges. Alternatively, the package/shipment may be processed as an "undeliverable" item. (See Undeliverable Packages for more details.)

For customers utilizing our on-line system, only "Bill Sender" service is available. For "Bill Recipient" or "Bill Third Party" transactions, please call Customer Service at: Phone: 1.617.807.0411

Account numbers are issued by Bocsit and are not transferable. Misuse, including unauthorized consolidation of packages/shipments owned by different parties, may result in a loss of all discounts and/or discontinuance of service. Discounts applicable to an account number of a business are not available to employees of the business utilizing check or credit card for payment.

All requests for account numbers are subject to credit investigation and verification by our Credit department and/ or Customer Service Account Confirmation department. We will establish a credit account for business use ONLY. An account may be refused or terminated if business status cannot be confirmed. We do not offer consumer credit privileges. Any individual shipping for personal use must pre-pay the shipment charges or establish an account for billing directly to a major credit card.

The party to whom Bocsit' account number is issued is liable for all charges to the account. The account holder is responsible for the safekeeping of the account number and should release the number only to those people who are authorized to ship on the account. The account holder bears the risk of all unauthorized use of the account holder's Bocsit account number. We may apply payments made on your account to any unpaid invoices issued to your account.

Failure to keep your Bocsit account current - all invoices paid within 15 days from invoice date - may result in your account being placed on an "on hold" status. Utilization of an account that has been placed in this status may result in your package/shipment being rejected or returned until further arrangements for payment have been made.

You must use your Bocsit account to obtain any applicable discount. Your use of the account number constitutes your agreement that all packages shipped on your account shall be subject to the Bocsit' Terms and Conditions, as modified, amended or supplemented.

To set up a new account with Bocsit, commercial accounts must have a current business listing with telephone directory assistance.

NOTE: Bocsit may provide trade credit information on any of our account holders to credit bureaus. Bocsit account numbers are subject to credit investigation and verification by our Credit department and/or Customer Service Account Confirmation department.