Collect On Delivery (COD)

We offer Collect On Delivery (C.O.D.) service consisting of: carriage of goods to the recipient, collection of the payment instrument issued by or on behalf of the recipient and made payable to the shipper, and delivery of the payment instrument to the shipper of the goods. The amount collected for the C.O.D. shipment must be sent to the shipper's location. We do not offer a cash-on delivery service. The shipper of the goods (via C.O.D. service) is responsible for specifying the amount to be collected. If the shipper specifies SECURED PAYMENT, payment by either cashier's check, official check or money order will be accepted. If the supplier specifies UNSECURED PAYMENT, a certified check, cashier's check, company check or money order will be collected. NOTE: Cash,personal checks, traveler's checks, credit cards and counter checks will NOT be accepted in payment of any C.O.D. amount. Bocsit will only accept UNSECURED PAYMENT for verified shippers with a Bocsit Account.