Credit Terms

The invoice date begins the credit term cycle, and payment is due within fifteen days from the invoice date. Failure to keep your account current will result in your account being placed on a "credit card only" status. This status may impair your ability to use our service, your shipments may be delayed, and you may not be eligible for our discount program.
  • Credit privileges will not be restored until you have paid all PAST DUE balances in full, in addition to all costs, fees and expenses incurred by Bocsit in collecting or attempting to collect such balances. NOTE: Bocsit may require establishment of electronic funds transfer as a prerequisite to credit restoration.
  • Customers requesting removal from "credit card only" status must contact our Accounts Receivable department at 617.807.0411.
  • Bocsit may decline to restore your credit privileges even if all costs, fees and expenses are paid. In the event of a prompt payment (on a "credit card only" status), you agree to be liable for all reasonable costs which may include - but are not limited to - attorneys' fees, collection agency fees and/or interest and court costs. NOTE: We do not provide consumer credit privileges.
To obtain credit privileges with Bocsit, you may be required to make bank draft arrangements for payment on PAST DUE accounts.