Undeliverable Packages

An "undeliverable" package is one that cannot be delivered for any of the following reasons:

  • The sender cancels delivery after the driver has been dispatched to the origin address.
  • The package is not ready for pick up at the origin.
  • The sender does not make the package available for the delivery driver upon pick up.
  • The sender cancels delivery upon arrival by delivery driver.
  • The recipient refuses to pay for a "Bill Recipient" package when the recipient does not have a Bocsit account number.
  • The recipient of a "Hold" package cannot be located.
  • The recipient's address cannot be located.
  • The package was destined for an out-of-delivery location and cannot be forwarded.
  • The package's content or packaging is damaged to the point where re-wrapping is not possible.
  • The package is unable to clear Customs.
  • The package is likely to cause damage or delay to other packages, equipment or personnel.
  • The package delivery or carriage is prohibited by law, statute, regulation of a country of origin or destination, or a country through which the package may transit.
  • The recipient's place of business is closed.
  • The recipient is not at a delivery location on the initial delivery attempt or re-attempts.
  • The package was improperly packaged for blood or diagnostic specimen contents.
  • The weather,natural disaster, traffic accident,road closure will not allow for timely delivery.
  • State of emergency has been declared.
  • There is a perceived or imminent safety concern for our delivery personnel.

A refused package can also be a shipment that the recipient does not accept. When feasible, we will contact the sender for instructions on returning or otherwise disposing of the package. If the sender requests a return, shipping will be charged to the sender for the return package subject to the specified service type. Packages refused (not related to service failure) as a result of being damaged, failure of recipient to accept shipping charges, and so forth, may be returned to sender, as the sender chooses.

If a package is undeliverable for any reason, we will attempt to notify the shipper to arrange for the package's return. The charges associated with the original shipment remain due and payable within. (See Credit Terms for more details.) If a package is marked "Bill Recipient" and is refused or returned to the sender, the billing is automatically changed to "Bill Sender". If a recipient refuses a freight package, it immediately becomes "undeliverable". If a freight package is marked "Bill Recipient" and is refused or returned to the sender, the billing is automatically changed to "Bill Sender". Our Guarantee Policy does not apply to "undeliverable" or returned packages.

If a package cannot be delivered or returned, the package may be transferred or disposed of by Bocsit in its sole discretion - with or without notice - and the shipper (if known) agrees to pay any costs incurred in the disposal.